Blue Lotus Loans

A loan designed for                 non-Australian residents buying property in Australia

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Introduction to Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus was set up to provide financing to non-Australian residents looking to purchase property in Australia across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Our mission is to help overseas based investors realise their Australian property ownership dream.  We understand the borrowing requirements of our customers globally.

We are backed by well-established global credit providers working throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific with expertise across consumer lending and working across borders.

We take a people-first approach and have teams able to maintain a high level of customer service.  We are able to offer you the confidence you need in a product.

Fill out your contact details here and our customer service specialist will be in touch within one business day.

How we can help

6 step application process

A simple and easy process to own Australian property

  • Step 1​: Register your interest here
  • Step 4: For full approval, collect the required documentation and submit all the required documentation to your Blue Lotus representative
  • Step 2: A dedicated representative will be in touch via WeChat or another method within one business day.  They will discuss details of products available and the documentation required from you
  • Step 5: A Blue Lotus representative will review the documents provided by you & may be in touch with additional questions.  Your loan will be formally approved shortly
  • Step 3: Get a pre-approval within one business day
  • Step 6: Your loan documents are produced and ready for signing in one of our partner offices in China, and settlement funds are arranged to complete your purchase

Why you should work with us

It's easy arranging finance with Blue Lotus

Competitive rates
interest only
Interest only available
self employed
Self employed welcome
fast turnaround
Fast turnaround
Easy application
Easy application
Offset facility available
Offset facility available
Refinance available for any purpose
Refinance available for any purpose
No need for document translation at any point
No need for document translation at any point