Blue Lotus Loans

Help for Developers

What we can do for you?

Once your development goes through our quick approval process, Blue Lotus is able to lend to 100% of your development.  We can help by:

For you

  • Reduce settlement risk of existing presales by engaging prior to practical completion
  • Assist with settlements that have been delayed pending finance
  • Assist with sales of unsold stock by providing potential finance options to prospective FIRB purchasers
  • Provide refinancing option for your buyer to purchase another property

For your buyers

  • Offer your non-resident buyers a competitive / flexible financial solution for both new loans and refinancing
  • Assist your non-resident buyers with a simple application and fast turnaround
  • Guide buyers step-by-step through the loan application

Process for developers

Blue Lotus representatives can guide you step-by-step throughout entire process!


Contact form for Developers

Contact us and someone will be in touch within one business day.