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Home Loan FAQs

Once you are accepted, you can borrow up to AUD 2.5 million.

We offer the flexibility of variable interest rates.

While each application is unique, we can generally provide a conditional approval within 48 hours of an application being received.

We are making the process of purchasing Australian property as smooth as possible.  There is no need to travel to Australia at any time throughout the entire process!

Documents can be signed and witnessed in major cities throughout China.  For your peace of mind, all documents will be presented to you in both Mandarin and English versions.

Designed specifically for the Chinese high net worth individual such as you, we have a unique understanding of the Chinese market.

With a dedicated and professional team of experienced Chinese underwriters working within China, we are able to gain a complete and accurate understanding of your true financial position, in line with local standards and practices.

No, our intimate understanding of the local market means in most cases a tax return will not be required.

With Blue Lotus Loans, you are allowed to do anything with the cash-out.  For example, the capital you release through a Blue Lotus Loans refinance can be put to work for you.

Whether used as a deposit for another apartment purchase, for property improvement projects to increase the value of your existing investment, or for any other purpose you require, a Blue Lotus Loans refinance is a great way to expand your asset portfolio.  Why not diversify your property holdings and take a look at the exciting Blue Lotus Loans house and land products!

Each loan application may be secured by one property only, but you may refinance multiple properties up to a total exposure of AUD 2.5 million.

Loan repayments can be processed monthly via direct debit from a designated Australian bank account.

No, we do not require any document translations throughout the entire process. 

You are able to apply as soon as you have the Contract of Sale for your purchase.

Recognising the limited availability of loan products for non-resident purchasers, Blue Lotus Loans was established to provide non-resident purchasers of property a competitive and flexible solution for their funding requirements.

Built from the ground up with an in-depth understanding of international markets, Blue Lotus Loans is able to offer the most self-employed-friendly, hassle-free products on the market.

For enquiries you can contact the bilingual Blue Lotus Loans team on
+852 3704 3470, or send an email to