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Home Loans

Home Loan

  • Competitive rates, LVR of up to 70%
  • 1 week application process


  • Competitive rates, LVR of up to 70%
  • Cash-out for any purpose including purchasing another property
  • 1 week application process

Application Process

Application process
  • Step 1​: Register your interest here
  • Step 4: For full approval, collect the required documentation and submit all required documentation to your Blue Lotus representative
  • Step 2: A dedicated representative will be in touch via WeChat or another method within one business day.  They will discuss details of products available and the documentation required from you
  • Step 5: A Blue Lotus representative will review the documents provided by you & may  be in touch with additional questions.  Your loan will be formally approved shortly
  • Step 3: Get a pre-approval within one business day
  • Step 6: Your loan documents are produced and ready for signing in one of our partner offices in China, and settlement funds are arranged to complete your purchase


Key Documentation Requirements*

Applicant Documentation
Identification - all applicants
  • Passport (current)
  • National Identification Card
  • Comprehensive PBOC report
Self-employed applicants
  • Business registration documents
  • Proof of business ownership
  • 12 months business bank statements or 2 years tax returns
Salaried applicants
Full, Part-Time or Contract
  • 6 months of personal bank statements plus at least one of the following:

    - Fully detailed employer letter or contract; or
    - Most recent or latest year tax return; or 
    - 3 months of most recent computerized or electronic pay slips

* Speak to your Blue Lotus Loans broker about any additional documentation requirements